We believe the best things in life are on the other side of difficult conversations.

Our Story

Built from a belief that change is possible.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, the American Negotiation Institute (ANI) is a global consulting firm that specializes in providing training, coaching and education on applying the foundations of negotiation to any difficult conversation in life and business.

With expertise in the areas of negotiation, inclusion, leadership, sales and conflict resolution, ANI helps clients turn their most challenging conversations into opportunities for achieving meaningful and measurable results.

 Put simply, we exist to make difficult conversations easier for all.

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Our Mission

At ANI, we believe the best things in life are on the other side of difficult conversations. We aim to reframe conflict as an opportunity for stronger relationships, better business and greater confidence. Our mission is simple: make difficult conversations easier.

Our Vision

With sound frameworks and global expertise, we seek to help the world redefine negotiation. What was once viewed as a tense and polarizing experience becomes an opportunity for gains, growth and better relationships. Everyday conversations become stepping stones that empower individuals to build the lives they want and negotiate real change.

Our Approach

The value that an inclusive environment brings to business and life is immeasurable. That said, at ANI we remain keenly aware that conversations on race and identity are some of the most difficult conversations taking place in our country.

ANI is an expert on difficult conversations. Our unique approach combines the foundational skills of negotiation with original frameworks, the results of which are uniquely successful tactics for safely navigating tense or stressful situations.

We take a non-traditional approach to conversations on equity and inclusion. As opposed to starting with some of the most sensitive elements of the discussion, our approach focuses on the foundations of any successful conversation, but particularly those where resistance or tension may be present:

  • Curiosity and information gathering
  • Building emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Mutual goals and shared values
  • Realistic goal setting and preparing for next steps

What We Offer

Difficult conversations can be a major source of anxiety and stress in life and business. The most important thing ANI offers is the hope that change is possible. Beyond that, our team will equip every client with the tools needed to navigate high-stakes negotiations with confidence, and most importantly, success. Real Client Feedback.

Build Unity. Drive Results.

Discover a corporate curriculum that will level up your organization’s performance.

Whether you are looking for a customized solution for your team’s specific challenges, seeking to create internal cultural harmony, or are interested in booking a keynote for your next event, the American Negotiation Institute has the expertise to provide you with bespoke solutions.

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