Customized training in conflict resolution, leadership, diversity and inclusion, sales, and procurement.

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Customized Training Workshops

We offer the right combination of skills and training for your organization. 

ANI workshops are interactive and custom designed for each client. You can expect not only science-backed negotiation strategies, but also advice for the implementation of those strategies and tailor-made simulations to help your team practice engaging with challenging topics that matter to your organization. Workshops are ideally suited for organizations of 30-50 people, but can be adjusted for teams of all sizes. 

Whether you prefer virtual or in person sessions, you will benefit from the expertise of our negotiation trainers who focus on actionable strategies that your team can start implementing right away. In addition to the training session, you’ll walk away with books and materials that your team can reference as they navigate future difficult conversations. All our negotiation training offers easy-to-implement strategies that are designed to be sustainable for your organization in the long term.

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Discover a corporate curriculum that will level up your organization’s performance.

Our experts will work with you to determine learning objectives and design workshop content that focuses on pain points unique to your organization.

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