Conflict Resolution with Ease.

Build the confidence you need to navigate difficult conversations more easily.

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Apply negotiation strategies to resolve conflict.

Develop confidence as a leader who can manage conflict in your organization, in your office, and in your everyday life.

Fight, flight or freeze are natural human reactions that lead people to avoid conflict. At ANI, we take a different approach by facing conflict head-on. We believe the best things in life are on the other side of difficult conversations. 

We recognize that conflict is a part of life, but it can present opportunity and is essential for negotiation. When your organization faces contention, strife or discord, psychology-based conflict management strategies from ANI can help your team converse confidently and respectfully. Differences in background and perspective make organizations stronger and more agile, and successful conflict management tactics allow these differences to co-exist without damaging the relationships among your team members.

Build Unity. Drive Results.

Discover a corporate curriculum that will level up your organization’s performance.

Whether you are looking for a customized solution for your team’s specific challenges, seeking to create internal cultural harmony, or are interested in booking a keynote for your next event, the American Negotiation Institute has the expertise to provide you with bespoke solutions.

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