Ever faced a bully? This episode is for you! For the Forces of Good

with Lucia Kanter St. Amour

Negotiate Anything Podcast: Featuring Lucia Kanter St. Amour

“Negotiation happens everywhere every day and it can be anyone’s everyday superpower – even through small acts and language. Yet, negotiation is still viewed by the general public as a specialized skill mastered by experts, and one that you either have or you don’t (“Negotiation can’t be taught. Some people just have the skill and others don’t,” as proclaimed by a high school senior, heading to Brown University to study International Relations, at the author’s 2022 Easter dinner table). Women, in particular, still shy away from negotiation scenarios – many are uncomfortable just asking for something, prioritizing so-called politeness over opportunity and success.

Well, guess what? Negotiation isn’t just for business and boardrooms. Negotiation is sexy. Negotiation is stylish. Negotiation is powerful and accessible to you. Every day.”

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